An early stage investment firm with a focus on helping young Indian entrepreneurs live their dreams.

If you need assistance in funding your start-up and need help in assessing market opportunities and design business plans, Let’s Talk.

Focused Investment Areas

About Us

Brainshare Capital is an early-stage, angel and seed investment firm. We participate in pre-series funding rounds. Sustainable solutions, technology, analytics, fintech, and healthcare tech are our key interest areas. Our founders have more than a decade of experience in the fields of market research & management consulting. We wish to leverage this expertise to operate as hands-on investors and foster entrepreneurial aspirations. We are looking to collaborate & fund passionate entrepreneurs with innovative business plans. We will help you gain access to an impactful network of people & assist you with market intelligence & strategy building.


Our vision is to build an ecosystem of passionate entrepreneurs. We are interested in working with entrepreneurs who are willing to create products & services aimed at solving critical issues. Sustainable solutions & healthcare tech are on the top of our priority list. Nevertheless, we will be interested in anything that carves a niche and creates value for the stakeholders.

Our Team

Shashi Kumar

Managing Partner

“Shashi Kumar has over the past 12 years built three successful businesses in the fields of management consulting and social media. He is the acting Chairman and CEO of Grand View Research Inc. and actively participates in day-to-day operations. Managing capital and cash flows across the three organizations has taught him a plethora of attributes about running businesses. People management and web marketing are two of his key areas of expertise.”

Swayam Dash

Managing Partner

“Swayam is an entrepreneur and management consultant with close to a decade of hands-on experience. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Grand View Research and is the head of operations for the company. He has worked in the fields of market research and business development and therefore, brings in a unique experience. His ability to work on important concepts such as TAM, competitive benchmarking, investor confidence reporting, etc. will help budding entrepreneurs tread businesses in an informed manner. Having built two successful businesses gives him hands-on experience in running day to day operations and manage P&Ls effectively. Process & product innovation are two of his key areas of expertise.”

Jugal Punjabi

Fund Manager

“Jugal is a Chartered Accountant and has 10 years of experience in the field of finance, auditing, taxation & valuations and has worked with various Multinational Corporations in various capacities. He currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of Grand View Research and oversees the accounting, audit, taxation, treasury, and legal function and is actively involved in the designing of internal controls and monitoring processes. He has worked in various capacities with Multinational Companies in Manufacturing, Engineering Procurement & Construction sectors. His ability to understand the business environment & regulatory framework, focusing on stringent financial discipline and advising on financially prudent business strategies has helped many MNC’s achieve better profitability and faster turnaround. Having served Indian & Foreign MNC’s and turning around loss-making companies his experience and knowledge in the field of finance will help start-ups achieve financial discipline and break-even in a defined time frame.”

Investment pre-requisite

We would be evaluating you and your organization basis the following criteria:


Even if you do not meet one or more requirements, you are welcome to reach out to us with a pitch at

Apply To Pitch

If you have an innovation and a working model in the fields of sustainable solutions, technology, analytics, fintech, and healthcare tech, please reach out to us . We would love to hear your ideas and participate in building an organization based on passion and innovation.

Investment Process

Once we receive the pitch, we would typically move forward with a conference call. PAS based pitching is our preferred mode of evaluating, however, we also leave the style to the discretion of the founders.

The next step would entail analyzing product or process details and cash flow statements. The penultimate step to a decision is due diligence. From pitch to funding, we would need an average of three weeks to arrive at a conclusion.

Please note that the decision to invest will be solely based on our discretion.